Boilers Safe Work Method Statement

Boilers Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS Template) delivered in Microsoft Word format for easy editing.

Boilers Safe Work Method Statement

Boilers Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Whether you need to get on site to start work, looking to create a safe work environment or pitching for that next government tender -the Air Powered Tools Safe Work Method Statement is easy to customise, easy to use and easy to integrate into your current Safety Management System. If you don't have a Safety Management System, we need to talk, seriously, you don't need to be carrying that level of risk exposure in your business - we can help.

Look, we understand that business should be rewarding and not consumed by tedious red tape. The Safe Work Method Statement Template we create is in an easy to understand format, while at the same time being some of the highest quality documents in the industry. Our SWMS documents get you onsite, save you loads of time and are very user-friendly. This way, you can get on with doing what you do best.

The Boilers Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) covers the following Job Steps, including potential hazards, control measures and risk ratings:

  1. Planning and preparation
  2. Training and capabilities
  3. Assess onsite conditions
  4. Set up work area
  5. Temporary Traffic Control (TMP)
  6. Delivery of materials and equipment
  7. Registration
  8. Inspection
  9. Operation
  10. Water treatment
  11. Maintenance
  12. On completion

The Boilers Safe Work Method Statement Includes

Risk Assessment Matrix | Hierarchy of Controls | PPE | Emergency Response

Your Boilers Safe Work Method Statement  is ready to be used in three easy steps:

  1. Just add your company logo and details to the SWMS Template.
  2. Identify site specific risks.
  3. Address any site specific risks and add them to your SWMS Template.

Your SWMS is now read to use, and may also be used as training materials for work related activities such as Workplace Inductions or WHS-OHS Toolbox Meeting Talks.

Bluesafe Quick Tips:

  1. Wear approved PPE; including, clothing and shoes in the plant at all times, gloves when handling hotlines or cleaning fuel oil burner tips. Wear appropriate eye protection in all designated areas.
  2. Wear goggles and respirators when cleaning the fire side of the boiler, chimney or breaching.
  3. Pre-check all equipment for fire starting hazards.

Boilers Safe Work Method Statement

  • High quality and ready to use Boilers Safe Work Method Statement.
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  • Referenced to AS/NZS (Standards) and Legislation. 
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Boilers Safe Work Method Statement
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View a Safe Work Method Statement Example

See an example of a Safe Work Method Statement Template below. All our SWMS Template documents are comprehensive in nature, easy to use, and are a huge time saver. Our Safe Work Method Statement Templates are quick and easy to customise to your specific business or operation and are perfectly suited for every day use, for larger contracts and tenders right through to qualifying for contractor management platforms such as CM3.